Tonight: Two Fresh kicks off Watch This, a new night at Cervantes' Other Side

Cervantes' Masterpiece Ballroom and the Other Side host some of the best weekly and monthly events in Denver, from Sub.Mission's Electronic Tuesday to the Euphonic Conceptions Re:Creation events. Now there's a new party to add to the mix: Tonight, Two Fresh kicks off Watch This, its brand-new monthly shindig. We spoke with Sherwyn Nicholls (Kendrick Nicholls, the other half of the Two Fresh dj duo, will be performing tonight at the debut as Kendo) about the new night.

"Denver is amazing," Nicholls declares, "but we haven't found a party that has the type of feel that we wanted." That type of feel, he says, is one that offers listeners a much more broad spectrum of music rather than just being dedicated to any specific genre. "We want more of that U.K.-bass feel," he explains, "that trap feel and that hip-hop feeling."

To fans of Two Fresh, this should come as no surprise. The electro-hip-hop duo have grown from creating mellow yet hard-hitting beats to incorporating some of their own lyrical talents into shows. For this new night, the Nicholls brothers are bringing their favorite musical flavorings for all of Denver to enjoy.

"It's me and Kendrick just picking artists that we want to showcase," notes Nicholls. "Most of 'em are homies -- just people on the come-up -- it's people that we want to open Denver's eyes to." The inaugural night will showcase sounds that weigh heavy on that Dirty South feel. Clicks and Whistles hails from Charlotte, North Carolina, and Herobust comes straight out of the ATL.

The new monthly, slated for Wednesday nights at Cervantes' Other Side, is already scheduled through December, so this definitely won't be a one-off. Also, if you're lucky, you might even catch a random set from Two Fresh themselves, complete with Colby Buckler, who joins them for live sets. "This first one is Kendrick doing a solo set," Nicholls points out, "and occasionally, we'll throw together a TwoFresh set, but it's more just a party that we can call our own and have our own creative control over."

Catch the first installment of Watch This at Cervantes' Other Side tonight with Clicks and Whistles, Herobust, Kendo and Mosis. Doors open at 8 p.m., and cover is $8-$10.

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