Too Many Humans to Host Holiday Benefit Show at Globe Hall

Too Many Humans will host and headline a benefit concert for the Denver Rescue Mission and Youth on Record at Globe Hall on Friday, December 14.
Too Many Humans will host and headline a benefit concert for the Denver Rescue Mission and Youth on Record at Globe Hall on Friday, December 14. Benjamin Chang
The Denver rock band Too Many Humans will host and headline a holiday benefit show that will call for coat donations for the Denver Rescue Mission. All show proceeds will go to the local music education nonprofit Youth on Record. Anyone who donates a coat at the show will be admitted free of charge.

The benefit show, which will be held at Globe Hall, will also include performances by The Trujillo Company, Dan Aid and HR People.

As a music ambassador for the nonprofit Youth on Record, which works with at-risk youth, Too Many Humans regularly participates in fundraising for the organization. According to bandmember Kolby Dickens, being involved in nonprofit work has been a meaningful part of his life as a musician, dating back to when he lived in Minneapolis.

“I was involved in a lot of charities when I was in a band in Minneapolis, and it’s always been something that I’ve wanted to re-create here," he says. "I know there are plenty of holiday giving events, but I didn’t find anything for the bands that I’m involved with and play with, so we wanted to be overly ambitious and start something.”

In hopes of making a bigger long-term impact on the city, Too Many Humans intends to make the coat drive and fundraiser an annual event moving forward. 

“The idea behind ‘Too Many Humans [Not Enough Coats]' is my brain sees ‘Too Many Humans [fill-in-the-blank].' It could be anything, and the hope and goal is that it can grow," says Dickens. "I can even see us not playing it, just hosting it and helping other bands get some spotlight in the city.”

While planning the holiday charity show, Dickens and the rest of Too Many Humans received welcomed outside support, including from the artists performing at the show, venues and the creative company Squad19.

“The guys who manage Globe Hall and Larimer Lounge have been super-helpful," says Dickens. "I’ve had some friends that have been really helpful and gotten involved, too — like the guys at Squad19 donated their time and did all the posters for it. All the art was done for free. Everything’s been this cool grassroots sort of thing that has really come together in the past month and a half. It’s come together really well.”

Too Many Humans [Not Enough Coats], With The Trujillo Company, Dan Aid and HR People, 9 p.m. Friday, December 14, Globe Hall, 4483 Logan Street.
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