Top 10 Cheap New Year's Eve Parties for 2010

It's about time to start making plans for New Year's Eve. Because the last thing you want to be when the slates get cleaned is sober. We're doing our part by bringing you a series of Denver's top events for every budget. First up, the $20-$75 offerings that we've whittled down to the top ten.

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Howl It was one of the cooler places to be last year and this year should be no different. This year it's a speakeasy theme, and the location hasn't been announced yet. We know it. But if we tell you, we'd have to kill you. Because if there's anything we learned from Boardwalk Empire, it's that you keep your mouth shut about speakeasies. $40. More info here.

Impact at City Hall Broadway's most spacious new venue will feature EOTO, Dieselboy, Liquidstranger, Heyoka, Nasty Nasty, Nit Grit, Freddy Todd, Rumblejunkie and more TBA. $35-$40. More info here.

Major Mandolin's Annual Gala Yes, Colorado Springs is a bit of a hike, but it's cooler than you think it is (especially this part of it) and you get a full holiday buffet, something called a sweet table (desserts?) live music and the ever-alluring more TBA. $70 More info here.

Murder in a Speakeasy at Adams Mystery Playhouse You think you'd make a good detective now, wait until the ball's dropping, you're hammered and you have to figure out this murder mystery immediately! Dinner is included for $35-$42. More info here.

Lollipop at Diamond After Dark Where, we ask you, will you ever again have the opportunity to watch someone strip to a live version of "I Think We're Alone Now" performed by the actual Tiffany? Not sure if they'll actually overlap, but both of those things will be there. So will Young MC and DJ Dragon XL. There will also be champagne, Three Olives girls (that's vodka), retro themed rooms and "late night surprises." Best '80s party you'll find. $49. More info here.

Tracks Merits inclusion here because we love us a good drag show, and this one should be great. You also get three DJ's and a champagne toast as added bonuses. $20-$25. More info here.

White Rose Gala at the Hyatt Regency Tech Center Yes, it's in the Tech Center, which we grant you is probably Denver's lamest place to party. But New Year's Eve is not just any other night, and these things do it damn big. It was a sell-out last year, and this year they've got the classiest party this side of $75. Black tie is optional, but why not? $59. More info here.

On The Spot Improv at the Bovine Metropolis Start your countdown off with a chuckle or two at the Bovine Metropolis Theater with some improv comedy action. You won't have to crowd surf your way to a drink and you can still go fight the masses for the big moment elsewhere. $25. More info here.

The Good Life at Casselman's Vebatim from the web site: "DRESS CODE - SUPER SEXY." Who are we to argue with that? In addition to sexily-dressed attendees, they'll do a balloon drop, champagne bar, DJ's and fifteen bartenders for less wait time. $25-$50. More info here.

Rick's Tavern Mexican food is one Denver's stronger suits, so forget the finger food and head to Rick's Tavern, where you get a an authentic Mexican dinner, party favors, prizes, dessert, live music and champagne. $25-$30. More info here.

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