Top 5 Famous Writer/Musician Feuds

Sometimes hurt feelings and death threats bring people closer together -- that definitely seems to be the case of the former web editor at our sister paper in Los Angeles, Erin Broadley, and shock-rocker Marilyn Manson, who once threatened to kill her. After the two met, they came to the realization that they were like two peas in a pod, and Broadley has now been enlisted to write the Manson biography. Suhweet, but boring.

This story made us wonder what other amazing feuds led to awesome moments of awkwardness. Famous feuds have all the intrigue of great love stories, and they, too, deserve their five minutes of fame. The list compiled below is a prime of example of the greatness that can come about when we all decide to not get along and duke it out.

5. Lynn Hirschberg vs. Kurt Cobain/Courtney Love

If you do heroin when your preggers, people want to know. They have a right to know, dammit! And Hirschberg is one writer who will bring such atrocities to light. In her 1992 interview with Courtney Love and her husband Kurt Cobain, Lynn portrayed the couple as unstable, drug-addicted rockers who weren't fit to take care of themselves, let alone raise a child. Child Protective Services were brought in and although Frances Bean was temporarily removed form the home, the couple kept full custody of their daughter until after Kurt's suicide and Court's rehab stay. Great work there, CPS.

4. Lester Bangs vs. Lou Reed

Rock critic Lester Bangs stalked Lou Reed in an angry, unhealthy way (as opposed to, say, the loving and inspirational way). This famous feud is classic because it showcases the juxtaposition a writer faces when he both admires and loathes his subject. Bangs went on several rants about the horror and talent of Reed on several occasions, and the fighting was nothing but fabulous publicity for the both of them. When your work is called "a gargantuan slab of maggoty rancor," there is sure to be a hardcore, media- worthy backlash. Thank you, gentlemen.

3. Dee Barnes vs. Dr. Dre

There's nothing audiences like better than a rapper handing out a beatdown in public, and that is exactly what rapper Dr. Dre did to Denise "Dee" Barnes in 1991. After she interviewed Ice Cube, Dre felt that N.W.A. had been misrepresented, and he retaliated. big time. He beat the ever-loving shit out of her at a record release party. Apparently, it's okay to teach women a lesson in the rap world -- just ask Chris Brown.

2. Lynn Hirschberg vs. MIA

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When Lynn Hirschberg interviewed M.I.A. for the New York Times, all hell broke loose. Hirschberg portrayed the musician as a flighty, hypocritical and an all around joke. M.I.A. unleashed her wrath by tweeting the writer's number to thousands of fans. Yay, paybacks! The two went back and forth about truffle-covered French fries until the public got bored and moved on, but the sweet, sweet memories of their tangle will be forever locked into our memories and laptops.

1. Wendy Williams vs. Whitney Houston

In 2009, Wendy Williams and Mrs. Houston had a telephone interview and it was one of the funniest and disturbing things we've ever heard. Williams, known for being a "shock jock" and asking obscene and inappropriate questions, met her match when she asked Queen Whitney to be on her radio show. She posed questions about her breast implants, drug addiction and Bobby; Whitney never really answered any of the questions, but did yell "fuck," "bitch," and "ass" the entire time.

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