Top Five mustaches in honor of Movember

It's November Movember, which means it's time to get your mustache on for charity. The above video pretty much sums up everything you need to know, but if you prefer reading, then know this: Grow a mustache, raise awareness for prostate and testicular cancer. Simple enough, right? Movember.Com has a full list of Colorado-related happenings, which range from parties to shaving events. In honor of Movember, we've picked our favorite musician 'staches. Click through to see our picks, or feel free to add in your favorites in the comments.

5. Lemmy Kilmister
Lemmy's mustache is the stuff of legend. In fact, we've heard rumors the mustache traveled around the globe in search of a worthy owner for centuries before it finally landed on Lemmy's face.
4. Slick Rick
It's arguable whether Slick Rick's mustache is a caterpillar on his face or actual facial hair, but either way, it's associated with him as much as his flair. We don't even want to begin to imagine the amount of strange shit that's got caught up in that thing over the years.
3. Jim Croce
Croce's mustache is a classic because it looks like it'd be just as welcome on the face of a Wild West frontiersman. Perhaps old Jim Croce was a lawman at some point in a past life, or maybe he just liked the way his smile was accented by the tuft of hair above his lip.
2. Freddie Mercury
It's impossible to imagine Freddie Mercury without a mustache -- we think he might have actually invented it. Sure, people had mustaches before him, but we're pretty certain Mercury actually came out of the womb wearing this one.
1. Frank Zappa
Can you visualize how much food was caught up in Zappa's mustache over the years? We're pretty sure we can see an entire head of broccoli mixed into it.
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