Torrential rainstorm wipes out Peter Black's entire music collection and destroys gear

The epic monsoon that swept through Denver last night took out more than just trees. The torrential rainstorm also wiped out Peter Black's entire music catalogue when his car, which contained his Mac Book and virtually all of his music gear, was flooded. A veteran of the Mile High music scene for the better part of two decades, the award-winning DJ, promoter and esteemed member of the Twist & Shout family could use some help getting back to good.

From Facebook: "Inside my car was several bags that contain my Apple Mac Book, DJ gear and an assortment of other items. My laptop was completely ruined and several thousand dollars worth of music (I buy all my music) and numerous important files were on the hard drive. The entire DENVER AFTERDARK MUSIC FESTIVAL files, designs and all associated items for the festival were on the laptop. Anyone that uses their laptop full time like myself as a designer, independent business etc. knows this entire event has devastated me. If anyone knows of a way that a fund can be started to assist me that would be exceptional and rewarded beyond belief with good grace. I've assisted so many local DJ's and bands and other people in Denver and it's with utter humility I'm now asking for help. If anyone can suggest ways to set up Paypal donations, Kickstarter account, any type of suggestion. Please spread the word. Thx you Peter Black /Analog Space."

Folks can send donations via Pay Pal. Also, if you're down to party with a purpose, donations will be accepted at the door on Friday at Beauty Bar for the So What! Party.

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.


Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.