Toy trains meet old records, audio madness ensues

If you've got a boatload of old, thrift-store quality vinyl, some record player parts, a few toy trains and a thirst for really freaky sound, have we got a project for you.

Well, actually, Yuri Suzuki and Yaloslav Tencer have a project for you -- we're not trying to steal their thunder. It's called the Sound Chaser, and it turns your old, shitty records into new, utterly bizarre collages of sound, all while amusing and/or terrifying small children and pets.

It works like this: cut those records into snippets that follow the grooves of the record. Then place them into "tracks" randomly (or by design, if you have a lot of patience and an OCD-level attention to detail). Then set your trains, which contain a record stylus and speaker, on the track and stand back to enjoy the music. Er, make that to enjoy the garbled blasts of quasi-demonic sound salad. Because music isn't exactly what we would call it. But it could be the basis for some interesting samples, or a weird "Revolution No. 9"-style track or perhaps some voices from beyond the grave in your next horror movie. Have a look and listen below and maybe it will spark your creative muse.

[Via SynthGear]


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