A still from the video for "Play It Cool."EXPAND
A still from the video for "Play It Cool."
Ben Fout

See It First Here: Treehouse Sanctum's New Video for "Play It Cool"

For the Denver-based Americana band Treehouse Sanctum, life has its ups and downs — especially when it comes to relationships.

That's the theme that courses through "Play It Cool," a song off the six-piece's latest album, Vivere.

Watch the video below:

The song is about trying to act nonchalant around crushes, says Danya Lynn Uptegrove, who wrote and sings on the track. "It's about trying to not look like you're trying."

She should know, she laughs, because she has lived the single life for a long time.

"It's rough out there," she adds. "It's hard to try and impress somebody without coming on too strong."

In the video, a woman struggles to walk that fine line when choosing what to wear for a date, but there is only a hint of her visible anxiety. The story is unabashedly fun and flirty, says band co-founder Sam Rymer.

"We wanted to have fun with this video," he says. "It's a fun take on that unrequited love."

Listen to Vivere, which premiered earlier this month, here, and catch the band at the Denver Chalk Art Festival, Sunday, June 4.

Treehouse Sanctum, 12-3 p.m. Sunday, June 4, Denver Chalk Art Festival, Larimer Square.

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