Troma helps Extra Kool get torn limb from limb in his new video for "Is Anybody Thirsty"

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Dirty Laboratory MC Extra Kool just dropped a new video for his tune "Is Anybody Thirsty?" The clip spills enough fake blood to make you forget the bucket scene from Carrie. With some help of shlock-horror experts from Troma, the video combines hip-hop and horror with graffiti, scantily clad women, tattoos, showers of fake blood and gratuitous dismemberment for a heaping dose of awesome.

"Is Anybody Thirsty?" is one of the singles from Extra Kool's forthcoming LP, Cool-ADE, which is slated for release at the end of the year. The tune's trunk-rattling bass, chopped up horn stabs and pounding drums provide a head-bobbing backdrop for Kool's verses that touch on hopes for the future, hatred of auto-tune and his love for hip-hop in the Mile High City. We caught up with Extra Kool to get the story on making the video, being torn limb from limb and progress on the new album.

Westword: How did you hook up with the film crew for the video? Are they regulars with Troma, or did that just happen to be the next project they were working on?

Extra Kool: I ran into Richard Taylor and Zac Beins [Bizjack FlemCo/Troma] one day at Twist & Shout. We got to talking about movies, music and things, and they offered to film a video for me. At first, I thought they were just making small talk, but I emailed them the next day and the rest is history. They have been working with TROMA for a while now. They helped with Poultrygeist, and will be helping with the new Class Of Nuke Em High film. They also just filmed a full-length movie with a Denver cast [except Lloyd Kaufman] called Atom The Amazing Zombie Killer, which hits the screen here in Denver at the Elvis on July 14th.

Were you nervous about trying to get funding via Kickstarter?

Yes, I hated doing Kickstarter, but I had just spent the last of my money on my last video ["I Fly, You Don't"], then met Zac and Richard. A few of my friends kept telling me to do it, so I did.

Was the whole budget for fake blood and the severed head?

Most of the money went to props and water. We needed a lot of blood to cover seven people, so we bought a lot of it. It also included tubes for the blood, extra white shirts, black pants and film.

Had you always wanted to be torn limb from limb by tattooed ladies, or was that a bit of spontaneous inspiration?

Who wouldn't want to get torn apart by tattooed ladies as pretty as the Phantom 8 Girls. We were going to rip out my tongue at first, but it went to the limbs instead.

Are you happy with progress on Cool-ADE?

I am very happy with how it's turning out so far. It's not due to come out 'til December of this year, so I'm working on making it the best it can be. So far it has some great features on it, like Esme Patterson of Paper Bird and Sole.

What else are you working on?

Now I'm working on a CD with my friend, Time, called Extra Kool & Time Are The Grimies. It has Onry Ozzborn, Kirby Dominant, Deeskee, Main Flo and a few others on it. Like I said before, I'm still finishing Cool-ADE, and also making more videos for a DVD down the line.

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.