Club Nights

Tryst Lounge

There are some welcome new twists at Tryst Lounge (1512 Larimer Street). On Tuesdays, the non-smoking juice joint at the edge of LoDo now hosts an open bar from 5 p.m. to midnight. Yeah, that's an open bar, as in open-up-your-liver-for-sweet-liquid-damage. But like crashing a wedding for the booze and ending up with the ugliest member of the wedding party, the drunk fun comes at a small price: Ladies pay $10 for a bottomless glass, while men get screwdrivered for $20. And shots, martinis, doubles and anything on the rocks will cost extra.

Since the Tryst With a Twist debuted on March 28, Tryst has been filled Tuesdays with loosened ties and unbuttoned polos aplenty as young professionals of both sexes start making connections like they're at a speed-dating convention hosted by Chuck Woolery. Top 40 R&B and hip-hop (à la KS-107.5) streams through a computer system behind the bar with the cheesy click of an iTunes party shuffle. The decor is steeped in video screens, geometric furniture and red lights. "Everyone has a ladies' night, so we just wanted to do something different," explains general manager Violet Chan. "It's very gracious service here, so you feel at home. But it's also very sensual with the lighting."

And you'll see Tryst in a new light on the first Wednesday of every month, when the club hosts a special theme party. The April 5 incarnation was the naughtily titled Spank and featured performance art -- Japanese binding, to be exact -- by David Montero, with vinyl-clad dancers in the windows provided by Avelon Entertainment. The loosely enforced dress code was S&M gear, and even the bartenders got in on the action, sporting Hot Topic dog collars and black, black eyeliner. But as bar manager Roy Castro jokingly admitted, "This is not my usual wear. We bought this stuff for the party."

Even with girls and guys getting spanked and classic booty rolls as far as the eye could see, Spank was still taboo-lite, a watered-down version of the dark arts -- but nonetheless a pleasant hiccup in the usual Writer's Square/ Larimer Square pretension. "There's a lot of people here that wanted to see something sexy," says spanking artist Rex< Finfgeld, "but never expected to see what we do. But it's good to have this kind of exposure."

See more silliness at, where the club posts photos from past parties, or call the bar's hotline at 303-629-0544 to find out the May party theme. And to That Guy in the Baseball Cap: Hey, buddy, Club Scout hates to break it to you, but white long johns and leather bondage bracelets are a big fat no-no.

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Tuyet Nguyen