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Metal dudes are totally cute -- those big, burly Hessian beards and pot-bellied pudges of flesh stretching out faded biker T-shirts touting slogans like "If you can read this, then the bitch fell off." Just like a wicker basket of puppies, those headbanging alpha males are -- yup, just like puppies. Needless to say, you can expect to see an equally adorable crowd this Saturday, June 10, at the Larimer Lounge, when Turambar issues Dhatura, its latest disc. The outfit claims the sunny borders of Broomfield as home, but its black heart lies within the confines of weighty, tone-fucking sludge metal. Think doom. Think gloom. Think Turambar. Dhatura will fit on the CD shelf of the scummy-haired kid that mail-orders from and spends his days collecting Pentagram and Saint Vitus limited-edition vinyl. With harsh smoker-lung vocals and wicked distorted guitar lickage, Turambar may just be the heaviest (and prettiest) thing to come out of B-town, ever.
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Tuyet Nguyen