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At, the most recent post reads, "Earth to People: Love is the ultimate truth at the heart of existence. Treat each other with care. To be cynical is no longer useful and wildly irresponsible. Please, be here now." This is the professed Internet axiom of blogger DAS, who, presumably, is TV on the Radio multi-instrumentalist David Andrew Sitek. The site -- maintained by Sitek and another TV member, Kyp Malone -- documents the Brooklyn act's meandering travels with photographs and Sitek's personal ramblings. Every stream-of-consciousness entry and art-angled snapshot perfectly captures the ghost in the TV machine. Much like its blog, the band's last full-length, Desperate Youth, Blood Thirsty Babes, is a summation of introspective emotional breaking points. Fronted by the soul-monster voice of Tunde Adebimpe, the band bruises the molded face of hipster rock and makes avant-garde vulnerability the new standard. With a recent move from Touch & Go to Interscope, TV on the Radio will have to face the demons of major-label expectations. But if what Sitek writes is true, then all it needs to survive is a little bit of love.
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Tuyet Nguyen