Twist that knob, push that button, make some noise

Okay you rock snobs, listen up. It's time to stop hating on electronic music. For years now, electronic in all its incarnations has been the go-to format for haters to dump on safely (remember eight to ten years ago when it was country and/or rap?) and frankly, it's bullshit. These days, if you just ignorantly bust out with a comment like "all hip-hop is shit" you are going to get a full-blown barrage of rebuttals and accusations of everything from your own stupidity to outright racism thrown back at you.

But say the same thing about electronic music and you'll only get a few uncomfortable denials and a whole bunch of, "I know, right?" from the same type of dudes that used to talk shit about hip-hop when it was still called rap. And you know what? You sound like your grandparents (or maybe great-grandparents) must have when they were introduced to rock and roll.

Read the comments of our Showcase line-up post and you'll see an excellent example (along with a couple of rebuttals, admittedly). Electronic artists are "just twiddling knobs" and "it's easy, anyone can do it." You're right. It is easy. Roughly as easy as learning to string together two or three chords to write your basic folk, punk or rock song. Yeah, anyone can do it, but not everyone can make it sound good. And the artists that have the benefits of inherent talent and/or the willingness to really hone their craft stand out for a reason, and it isn't luck.

Seriously, if you really believe it is that fucking easy, why don't you record a record or two under a pseudonym, release it and rake in the profits? I mean, artists like Daft Punk seem to be doing okay for themselves, considerably better than your average no-name "skilled" rock band, right? Shit, you could retire off all that dough and sit back to fiddle with your guitar in comfort! Good luck with that.

Some of my "real" musician friends who tend to think that way and have little or no knowledge of the various formats of electronic music have picked up software or synths and recorded what they think are "pretty cool" tracks. Almost without fail these have been horrible, unlistenable messes -- about what you'd expect if I picked up a guitar, made up my own chords and started strumming it randomly without any skill (or even any real knowledge of what a rock song actually sounds like, apart from hearing part of one in a Toyota commerical once).

I'm not saying you have to or even should like it. No one can like everything and it may just not be your bag. Hell, I totally respect hip-hop, there are artists in the genre I love, but as a whole, it just doesn't do a lot for me. But I know it doesn't "suck" -- I can recognize the musicality of it, the skill of its performers and the fact that it's as important to them as my music is to me. And that's all I'm asking of you -- that you put down the haterade, realize that just because you don't get it doesn't mean it it's no good and stop bitching about how it's no fair that these "wannabe hipster artists with digital delay pedals" or "soulless knob-twiddlers" get the attention that your totally awesome rock band can't muster. You just sound like a tool -- and an old one at that.

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