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Two Cow Garage

From Gummo to Roger and Me, the rusted infrastructure and trailer-park peculiarity of the Midwest has been a font of much present-day mythology. But beneath all that John Deere-cap patronizing lies a fixation on the geographic and moral core of America -- it is the heartland, after all. But what kind of beast has a heart like that? Ohio's Two Cow Garage isn't trying to answer that question, but it does anyway, with its new disc, The Wall Against Our Back. Balanced between ballads and ballistics, it encompasses all the most-worn American dialects -- country, cock rock and punk -- with a galloping cowpoke wallop that's as pungent as it is poignant. Singer/guitarist Micah Schnabel hacks up hardscrabble tales of factories, fucking and failure out of lungs full of dust and diesel exhaust. But it isn't all Uncle Tupelo-esque drawl: When playing live, the trio is known to pump out shit-kicking renditions of Bad Company's "Feel Like Makin' Love" and the Beatles' "Don't Let Me Down." Dixie may have the Drive By Truckers, but the breadbasket has Two Cow Garage.
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Jason Heller
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