Tyler, The Creator Boulder: Free Fox Theatre show draws police in riot gear to control crowd

Update, 10:37 p.m.: Charles Trowbridge spoke with the 22-year-old manager at Jimmy John's, who declined to give his name. According to the manager, he was indeed trying to clear people away from the front of the store when someone from the crowd began yelling at him. The manager says he tried to lead the man into the store in an effort to calm him down, and that's when he was struck.

"There was a line around the corner," he says. "He was up in my face. He was, like, screaming obscenities in my face, threatening me. People were just assholes. They were acting like kids. He fucking just hit me. It was kind of ridiculous." The manager says the person who assaulted him took off when police arrived and was not arrested. "It was like a mob to get these wristbands," he says. "I've never seen anything like it."

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Update, 9:45 p.m.: Great video of the scene, including an arrest, shot by Daily Camera, added below.

Original post, 7:32 p.m.: A "riot situation" in Boulder -- that's what all the early reports coming out of Boulder tonight have been saying. Tyler, The Creator, is playing a free show at the Fox Theatre presented by Tumblr, and he's drawn an overwhelming crowd on the Hill. Authorities were called in when a manager at Jimmy John's on the Hill was reportedly assaulted and some bottles were evidently thrown. Dutch Seyfarth is on the ground, and he sent us these photos. Keep reading to see pics from the scene.

According to Boulder police, some of whom showed up on the scene in full riot gear (presumably spurring the misleading reports early on of a riot), there are about 250-300 people assembled right now in front of the Fox Theatre in Boulder, where the show is slated to take place; the crowd is large, but so far, the situation appears to be in hand -- although there has reportedly been one arrest made and there has been some disruptive behavior reported from some fans on the Hill. A call just came in, for instance, of thirty or so people gathered at the 7-Eleven and refusing to leave the store.

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For his part, in his own inimitable way, Tyler, the Creator (aka Tyler Okonma) -- playing his first solo show ever tonight -- appealed to fans via Twitter to keep the peace...well, not as eloquently as that, of course. And he also informed fans that there will be a second show this evening. Set time hasn't been released, but from what we gather from the chatter on the police scanner (over the chants of "Wolfgang" that can be heard in the background), there will indeed be another show tonight. (Coincidentally, Odd Future performed at the Fox a year ago today exactly.)

Continue on for more photos from the scene.

Continue on for more photos from the scene.

Continue on for more photos from the scene.

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