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UMS quiz, redemption be thy name

We're number two! We're number two! Yeeaaaahhhh!

Coming in second in a music quiz may not seem like something to cheer about, but considering our desultory sixth-place finish in our own fucking quiz a few weeks back (a finish so lame I felt compelled to make up a list of ten excuses for such a pathetic performance) we're pretty stoked.

Also, considering we lost by a mere four points to the all-powerful Twist & Shout team -- and it takes a special kind of musical obsessive to brave the combination of poor pay, long hours and working with the public in retail that makes up working in a record store (all respect to those who take up that noble calling) -- we're feeling pretty happy about how things went.

Amusingly, the home team (this was the quiz for the Reverb blog and their Underground Music Showcase) this time finished tied for fifth, which is actually the same thing as sixth place. That means we swapped -- they took second in our quiz, while we ended up in sixth, we took second in theirs, while they took sixth. Weird, no? That might make you suspect collusion, but fuck, we would have colluded to win, not take second.

Also more amusingly, those pantywaists at Donnybrook didn't bother to show up to defend their title. Probably had a tennis match or something -- or just knew they had won on a fluky, never-to-be-repeated performance and didn't dare show their rich, effete and pointy faces for a rematch. You hear that, Donybrook? You're effete.

Congratulations to the brainiacs of Twist & Shout and please, since you've officially proven that you know more than us about music, can you stop sneering at my musical selections every time I come in to buy a record now? Pretty please?

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