Drive-In Concerts Are Coming to United Flea Markets

Mile High Flea Market starts hosting concerts this weekend.
Mile High Flea Market starts hosting concerts this weekend. Flying Fortt
Last month, United Flea Markets CEO Rob Sieban told Westword that he had been in talks with promoters about bringing large, socially distanced outdoor concerts to thirteen flea markets around the country, including the Mile High Flea Market just outside of Denver, at 7007 East 88th Avenue in Henderson.

The company just announced that it is partnering with Los Angeles-based Nuell Entertainment, which has worked with some of the largest events, brands, entertainers and sports figures around the globe, on drive-in concerts.

Both companies will work with LionShare and Feyline to produce the bass-music series Dirty Drive-In, which launches Thursday, July 9, with Peekaboo and continues on Thursdays in July with Dirt Monkey (July 16), Eprom (July 23) and Goldfish (July 30).

Dirty Drive-In is part of the first phase, during which attendees can watch performances drive-in style, from their cars. In phase two, when city and state regulations shift to allow for larger in-person gatherings, attendees will be allowed to stand with their groups, distanced from others in defined “blocks,” while watching the shows.

“With large indoor gatherings prohibited, the demand for neutral outdoor venues is high. In addition to continuing to operate our flea markets, we’re able to accommodate the needs of concert, festival, trade show and graduation planners through our expansive outdoor spaces,” Sieban said in a statement. "Flea markets are uniquely suited to host large groups — they have built-in amenities like bathrooms and concessions, nearly unlimited outdoor space, and no permanent seats or bleachers to contend with that you’d find in an amphitheater or traditional concert venue.”

Dirty Drive-In tickets start at $198 per car, including up to five people in a mid-sized car and up to eight people in an SUV. Sound will be projected through a speaker system and through FM, so concert-goers can listen in their cars as well. Temperatures will be taken at the gate, and those with a fever of 100.4 or higher will not be permitted to enter. Masks are mandatory and will be required at all times. Social distancing will be heavily enforced, with ten to twelve feet spaced between each vehicle, and there will be guidelines regarding when attendees are allowed to safely step out of their vehicles to dance.

Get tickets and more information here.
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