V-Day hip-hop from DJ Chonz and Mane Rok, plus new Iman S., Myke Charles tracks and more

Happy Valentine's Day! In this heart-shaped edition of That's a Rap, we have a ton of local hip-hop goodness for you to fall in love with, including a

DJ Chonz

mixtape entirely dedicated to Valentine's Day, new joints from

Mane Rok


Iman S.


Myke Charles


A. Fox


Boy Davey

, and a new video from

Prime Element

. Page down to get the drop.

First up, DJ Chonz 's Slow Down Mixtape Vol. 1 helps us ease into Valentine's Day with a mixtape aimed at showing us how to get it done. He's re-releasing it today, and it's the perfect soundtrack. Chonz might be one of the greatest Valentine's Day song selectors. Check this joint out and get cozy with somebody. Do it for love.

Also today, Mane Rok unveiled his new website today and dropped Saul Amore: A Modern Day Massacre, his latest effort, which reflects on love from Mane's point of view, and it ain't entirely sweet. The EP features Scarub, Zome, Qwazzar and Benjamin Butters.

Iman S., meanwhile, is off to a fast start on the promo trail for the release of Parkhill Logo 2. The new track "Perhaps" finds the MC doing what he does best: spreading swag around to all within earshot. Check for a Tebow reference or two. We dig this one from Iman.

Myke Charles's new joint, "Scars," finds the MC with a floaty rhyme pattern over this Hi-Res beat. Charles has been releasing a lot of solo material lately, and his writing reflects his growth as an MC. He sounds a little Cudi-like on this record, and that's not a bad thing. Check it.

Logo by A.Fox ft Boy Davey on Grooveshark

A.Fox and Boy Davey are an excellent team, and this joint, "Logo," is a perfect example. Fox keeps it pretty straightforward over Davey's production, which matches his slinky rhyme pattern and persuasive lyrics. Nicely done.

Prime Element is readying a sophomore album release, and this track, "Listen Up," produced by German beat-maker Shuko, is a dope intro to the trio's latest work. Boasting promisingly poised lyrics and precise cuts, the cut comes to life in this Konsequence-directed clip, and if that's any indication of what's next, the Element will be doing its thing to the utmost.

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