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For a compilation of local music, PS 2 oddly lacks a unifying identity; the word "Denver" doesn't appear anywhere on it, and the bands it features certainly don't sound very much alike. But diversity has long been a strength of Colorado's indie scene, even if it somewhat hamstrings groups' efforts to be recognized nationally. Sure, contenders like the Czars and the Swayback are represented here -- but ironically, it's some of the lesser-known acts that leap out of the speakers. Cowboy Curse and Thank God for Astronauts turn in two gems of unique, effusive power pop, and Danghead drops a shambling folk tune straight out of the Palace playbook. The heart of the whole disc, though, is a three-song block consisting of Voices Underwater, Constellations and the Symptoms, wholly disparate bands that together encapsulate all the urgency and originality of the Denver scene. The bad news is, PS 2 probably won't do much to bring outside attention to the glorious racket currently emanating from the Queen City. But as a sonic document of where this town's creative soul lurks, circa 2005, it's a victory.
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