Vices I Admire on the hunt for new bassist

Angry, artsy rockers Vices I Admire has been banging around northern Colorado for a few years now, and has a fair amount of local acclaim, based on its live shows, an EP and the song "Monster," which has appeared on a couple of compilations. On its MySpace page, the band compares itself to Incubus, Deftones and Mars Volta, and those comparisons might not be far off. However, I also hear a bit of the unhinged creativity that distinguish locals like Yerkish. I have yet to catch the band live, but the tracks I've heard are definitely promising. At the moment, the band is on a desperate quest for a new bass player. Hit them up on MySpace if you think you have what it takes. If you aren't a bassist, you can still help Vices I Admire out. Visit the group's website to find out how you can help fund its debut full-length release. Good karma is bound to follow.


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