"Victory" is a great example of Biggie's flow and tenacity

Biggie Smalls -- who died fifteen years ago today at age 24 -- was most famous for his mafia style and lyrics tinged with his famous "don't give a fuck" style. The track "Victory," released posthumously, is the best example of this. When this joint dropped, it was clear that the Brooklyn MC was prepared to take his game to another level. The lyrics, both Big's verses and Busta Rhymes' screaming for the real live niggas to show themselves is one of the dopest showing of hip-hop vocalism on wax.

Biggie's bossy, gruff flow carries the listener through his rules of engagement. Got a problem with Notorious? He'll shoot ya. The commission says so. Also, Biggie got descriptive about his continued problems with the Feds, paranoia at being slain by his foes and not trusting his friends.

Check for Jay-Z's borrowed metaphor about regarding celebs named Michael ("Tyson, Jackson, Jordan...") he used on "Niggas in Paris," from Watch the Throne, on this track. Hov is said to listen to "Victory," before he takes the stage in huge arenas, proving that once again, Biggie's influence is longer than long.

Biggie's collaboration with his high school friend, Busta Rhymes, gives this one an extra tight flow and threatening tone. This one should be listened to at super high volume.

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.