Video: Be the Ant's "Car Sex" channels Back to the Future and raunchy real life experience

The rowdy (and related) rockers in local quintet Be the Ant (due at the Marquis Theater on Friday, June 15) might be the only people ever to be positively impacted by what is easily the most terrifying scene in the entire Back to the Future trilogy -- the one in which Marty McFly almost gets the moves from his mom, only to be trounced by retro-brute Biff and saved by his weak-kneed father. There's a lot going on there, and the same is true of Be the Ant's new video for "Car Sex." Shot over two nights in Lafayette's Lionsgate Event Center, the clip follows its title through visual inspiration from both the 1985 classic and literal inspiration from an R-rated night in the lead singer's life.

"My girlfriend and I were about to break up a while back," frontman Erik Petersen explains. "She's from Pueblo, and I'm from Denver, and it was tough. One night we were supposed to go see The Chariot with a couple of my cousins, who are also in the band, but we didn't go to the show. We went and had a good night together, and that's kind of how we made up."

How does his girlfriend feel about her role in the band's lore? "I think secretly she's stoked about it, but outwardly she's like, 'I can't believe this,'" Petersen says with a laugh. "Obviously, friends of the family joke about it."

Shot on a budget of only $400, the silly-smooth video treks through a wild warm-up as Be the Ant prepare for a show inside an empty dance hall. Throughout their performance of "Car Sex," the guys jam some wear into their hand-over-heart uniforms while an aging janitor cleans the space and a bartender preps for the party.

But two people won't make it to the dance anytime soon: Distracted in the parking lot, a young vintage-clad couple (Petersen's sister-in-law and her real-life boyfriend) get busy in a red 1967 Mustang. Passion, performance and side boob ensue.

The clip came together in a single weekend, and ninety-five percent of the effort came from the guys themselves, Petersen says. Bassist Troy Ten Eyck directed the two shoots and edited the clips together on Final Cut Pro using his degree in video production. The music video, which is the first to result from the band's Singles EP, marks a distinct step up from its last onscreen appearance -- a video montage for "Too Humans" that tracked the members' lives through archival footage.

"Honestly, this is our first legitimate video experience, and we're excited about where it's taking us," Petersen says. In the meantime, the guys are currently working on a video tribute to Radiohead's "Creep." "There are still a lot of jokes, but this video is not one."

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