Video: Lordz of Finesse 20th anniversary cypher

This past summer, the Lordz of Finesse crew marked its twentieth anniversary at the Tivoli Turnhalle with a glorious day of hip-hop. Fienz and the other members of the Lordz crew were joined by a host of friends and family in celebrating the culture, community and history of hip-hop in Denver, of which LOF has obviously played a huge role. All four of the elements (graffitti, breakin', emceeing and deejaying) were fully represented that day, and some of the best moments were captured on video.

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One of the highlights that day was a cypher featuring a set of ten MCs from the scene (Dent, Spoke in Wordz, Juice ET Hugo, Rolepley, Bianca Mikahn, Big House, Cavem, Wind Dragon, Kontrast and SP Double), each passing the mic and going hard, resulting in a captivating, cohesive five-minute, filmed by Leonard Jackson (aka Lenny Lenn), Garey Kennebrew and Maki Lucero. On a day when the BET Hip-Hop Awards got hip-hop talking, here's a nice slice of Denver.

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