"Sinnin' and Winnin'"
"Sinnin' and Winnin'"
Dirty Few

Video Premiere: Boozers in Dirty Few Drink and Shoot Dice in "Sinnin' and Winnin'"

Dirty Few is a beer-drinking, fun-loving band, and its newest video, for the song "Sinnin' and Winnin," produced by David Sands, shows drunken, dice-tossing debauchery in all its sweaty glory.

"It's just about a girl who goes around random spots, winning all the dice games," says Seth Stone, the group's frontman.

As for the production, Stone says the process looked like this: "Way too much beer and just hanging out with my homies. That's pretty much what we do every time we throw an event. We just buy way too much beer and hang out with friends. That's what it's about."

That and shooting dice, which he does in real life, "all day, every day. I've got Broncos-colored dice in my pocket right now," he says.

Crack open a beer and watch Dirty Few's third music video, below.

Dirty Few will play the Don't Panic Fest, which runs February 17 and 18 at various South Broadway venues.

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