Vinly Collective's top ten sellers

Just two short years ago, Virgil Dickerson's long running local imprint, Suburban Home, was struggling. A decline in CD sales forced him to scale back and move operations back into his house. Things were looking pretty dire. Then a funny thing happened: People started buying vinly again, and the once presumed dead format became viable again. As a result, Suburban's Vinyl Collective began to thrive, and today, Dickerson and company are back in a warehouse on Sante Fe, doing a great business pushing plastic. Starting today, we're going to start tracking which albums are selling the best. This week, Bomb the Music Industry's Scambles LP claimed the top spot. Check out the full breakdown after the jump.

Week of 4/20/09

1. Bomb the Music Industry! - Scrambles (exclusive color)
2. Ben Weasel - The Brain That Wouldn't Die (clear red vinyl)
3. Jawbreaker - Dear You (2x LP) 4. Jawbreaker - Etc. (double LP)
4. Ben Weasel - The Brain That Wouldn't Die (clear yellow vinyl)
5. Spring Cleaning Joey Cape / Playing Favorites Vinyl Sale
6. Russian Circles / These Arms Are Snakes (split tour LP, clear vinyl)
7. Spring Cleaning Pint Glass Sale
8. Thrice - The Alchemy Index: Volumes 1-4 (4×10″ clear, blue, red and brown)
9. Tim Barry Vinyl Sale (Laurel St, Manchester, Rivanna, Munford)
10. Anchor Arms / Why I Hate (split LP, exclusive green vinyl)

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