Vintage radio ad for Michael Jackson's Denver tour from 1988 and 911 call

As expected, it's been all-Michael Jackson-all-the-time at most news outlets today, including ours. Over the course of our surfing this morning, we came across several items of interest that we thought we'd post. First, a vintage recording of radio commercial from 1988 touting Jackson's Bad tour that same year, which we posted after the jump. While we don't remember this particular ad, which ran in Colorado Springs, we're certain that it must've mirrored ads running concurrently in Denver. We also came across some video of folks staging an impromptu re-inactment of the Thriller video somewhere downtown. Not sure where the clip was shot, but it appears to have been taken on 15th and Market. Finally, the 911 call was just released. A couple interesting notes about that. Curiously, the caller doesn't mention that the person in question is Michael Jackson. What's more, he makes mention of the fact that there was a doctor on hand who was treating the pop star, presumably the same doctor whose car was towed from Jackson's house and whom L.A. police are currently looking to question. See and hear the clips after the jump.

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