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Find Your New Favorite Vinyl at the Rocky Mountain Record Show

Searching through the stacks at the Rocky Mountain Record Show
Searching through the stacks at the Rocky Mountain Record Show Kobi Waldfogel
Denver vinyl lovers will get a chance to take a turn around the tables on Saturday, August 20, during the Rocky Mountain Record Show at the Denver Sports Castle. The event is every collector's dream, with more than 100,000 unique records from vendors across the West. The event will include local DJs, food trucks, and, most important, a group of like-minded music enthusiasts to share your passions with.

The Rocky Mountain Record Show was created in 2021 when founders Kobi Waldfogel, Patrick Selvage and Reuben Saul got together to discuss the shortcomings of the Denver vinyl scene. "We always thought something was missing from these shows, something a little more fun," says Waldfogel, explaining that a traditional record showcase "tends to be in a sterile environment like a convention center, and it's all just records."

The three wanted to take all the classic elements of what they loved from vinyl showcases and incorporate new ideas to create a unique experience for collectors. They ended up organizing the Rocky Mountain Record Show, and this year's edition will include turntables and headphones so that buyers can check out the music they just bought. There will also be a poster section that will showcase local artists. "We have three or four local printing artists that we work with that bring their own work. We've found a lot of overlap between people who are into records, people who are into music, concert posters and posters in general," says Waldfogel.

The Rocky Mountain Record Show is meant to "preserve the culture around music collecting," he adds. The showcase isn't just about collecting the physical media, he says, but rather about fostering a community of vinyl lovers.

Last year, the showcase was held at RedLine Contemporary Art Center. Hundreds of people packed into the 5,000-square-foot space, but it became evident that the event was outgrowing the venue. Luckily, the three partners found that they could use the 35,000-square-foot Sports Castle, and this year's event will house double the number of records.

The expansion ensures that there is a little something for everybody at the Rocky Mountain Record Show. "We try and have something for every budget. We have some dealers where everything is a dollar, and other dealers who deal really high-end records into the thousands of dollars," Waldfogel says.

There will be more than fifty vendors, and 80 percent of those are local Coloradans. The event will also welcome independent dealers from New Mexico, California, Oklahoma and other Midwestern states. Waldfogel hopes that the Rocky Mountain Record Show will eventually attract vendors from all over the country.

Vinyl Me, Please, a monthly subscription-based vinyl record business, is one of the leading sponsors and partners of the showcase. The Denver-based business works as a monthly record club that provides a selection of records per month to its subscribers. VMP has emerged as one of the leading brands in the vinyl community, and is currently working to build a 14,000-square-foot state-of-the-art record-pressing facility, where music enthusiasts will be able to see the record-making process. The space, which will be located across from Mission Ballroom, is scheduled to open in January 2023.

"We are grateful to be an ongoing supporter of the Rocky Mountain Record Show, and believe its growth and success speak to the desire by music fans for tangible experiences with music,” says VMP CEO Cameron Schaefer.

And the Rocky Mountain Record Show will continue to expand as the vinyl scene grows. “The goal is ultimately to grow this into something that serves the needs of the Denver and Colorado vinyl communities, but also might attract people to come to visit," says Waldfogel. "Have them come for the weekend, go to a local show, and experience all that we have to offer. We want this to be a can’t-miss event. We’re also thinking of adding an extra day to the show."

The Rocky Mountain Record Show, 1000 Broadway, 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. Saturday, August 20. Tickets are $22.50, and registration is required. 
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