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Most of the music that came out of L.A.'s glam-rock explosion during the '80s was largely disparaging toward members of the fairer sex -- despite the fact that most of the men from that era went to great lengths to portray a feminine image. Chicks in bands just didn't exist on the Sunset Strip back then, and when they did, the guys who were pillaging their wardrobes usually overshadowed them. Vixen was one of just a few female acts who displayed some metal muscle under their garter belts and makeup. As hard as the ladies rocked, though, they still ended up taking a back seat to the fellas and quietly faded into obscurity after releasing a self-titled debut in 1988. Nearly two decades later, though, the playing field has been leveled, and most of those groups are playing the club circuit -- only we're guessing that the sirens of Vixen look a helluva lot better in spandex than their male counterparts these days.
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Brandon Daviet