Wally Callerio spins on February 4 at 2711 Larimer Street

Throughout his career as a producer and DJ of house music, Wally Callerio has been affiliated with dozens of record labels in addition to launching his own Dufflebag Recordings. This underground artist has been hooked on house since the days of Doc Martin's "Unlock the House" sessions in the early '90s and has been spinning ever since; he's also collaborated with Martin, DJ Sneak, Natural Rhythm and other big names in the subgenre. Callerio's sensibilities lean toward purist, old-school house that features jazzy melodies, soulful female vocals and playful, driving beats. His prolific output and excellent taste ensure that he'll be a name to reckon with for years to come: In 2010 alone, Dufflebag Recordings released more than 75 tracks on 26 pieces of vinyl. The L.A.-based Callerio played for five hours at his last underground Colorado appearance, and you can hear his blends again when he spins with local favorites Brick Lee and Travis Press on Friday, February 4, at 2711 Larimer Street.

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