Warlock Pinchers: An extensive oral history straight from the jokers' mouth

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DW: It was a play on "circumcised penis." We went with a whole circus motif.

AN: We'd get those marshmallow circus peanuts that are pretty gross. Sometimes they're called "circus peanuts," and sometimes "circus-sized peanuts," which doesn't even make any sense -- does that mean they were big? Small?

DW: As big as a circus?

AN: And we kind of circus-sized our show.

DW: We got rid of Satan's Cheerleaders from the Satan album and started with the clowns and got the clown bouncer. A lot of skinheads would come to our shows, and they would cause mayhem, and we were always very antagonistic toward them for a lot of reasons.

They hated us, but they paid money to come see us and beat up these poor, defenseless kids. At one show, one of the skinheads jumped up on stage and tried to punch me in the face and got just a glancing blow while I was singing. After that we hired this guy Grant Chitwood to dress up as a clown on stage and keep people off.

AN: Jerko the Clown.

DW: Also, these high school kids would come up on stage to stage dive, and he would throw them off and it became like an amusement park ride to them. They'd wait in line to get on stage to be thrown off by the clown.

AN: The other night, some guy mentioned a guy said he was proud to have been thrown of the stage by the clown. By the time of the album release, I think we had a couple of clowns, girls with baskets filled with circus peanuts.

DW: We had a cotton candy machine at the merch booth. We tried to make the shows more of an event than a normal, everyday concert.

AN: I don't know if we had opening bands, but we had Jerko the Clown read porn out loud. We had a girl clown come and beat him up. He had kind of created this persona where he'd do acrobatics, and the girl could flip him, and he'd go flying off. Then we had the spoken word with The Happy Buddha.

DW: It was my brother dressed just in a towel and he'd read Black Sabbath lyrics as poety.

AN: We made it a goofball show -- a circus with a bunch of different stuff. Then Britney Spears comes along with her circus album, totally ripping us off.

DW: Then the freaking Juggalos have to ruin everything for everyone.

AN: ICP talking about pop and evil clowns, throwing shit off stage.

DW: That just makes us look bad.

AN: "Meet Goatee Woatee" was a huge string of our inside jokes and things we saw on tour. We mentioned Griff the Clown from Griff's Burger Haven. We never even discussed it with anyone. Goatee Woatee was a dog we met.

DW: It started with us driving through Arizona, I believe, and we stopped where all these goats were running around and Eric said, "Oh, look at all the goatee woatees." We were making fun of him for that. When we got to Tempe of Phoenix, there was this dog hanging around outside the club, and we named him Goatee Woatee. He was our mascot.

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