Watch Bob Domonkos Unlikely Booty Rap Video (3)
Courtesy of Bob Domonkos

Watch Bob Domonkos Unlikely Booty Rap Video

In May, we brought you the story of Bob Domonkos and the very unusual origins of his "Booty Rap" magnum opus.  A quick recap, from writer Courtney Harrell:

Bob Domonkos’s plan was hazy, at best, but he knew one thing for sure: He needed rappers. So he posted an ad on Craigslist. “Need rappers for booty-centric rap,” it read. “I have a song I’d like to see get out there…I think this little ditty has great potential. It’s also raunchy as hell but then so is ‘Anaconda.’ We could put it on YouTube, monetize it and hope it goes viral.” Domonkos — a sixty-year-old grandfather — is a very unlikely booty-rap lyricist. He’s either a chronic adventurer or a commitment-phobe, depending on how you frame his life story.

As you may have guessed, Domonkos succeeded in recording this video and putting it on YouTube. No word on monetization yet, but it does have over a thousand views in just about a week. Add to the count yourself: 

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