Watch George and Caplin's new video, win a free copy of the new album

Behold the hypnotic video for "Franco Cleef Wyoming Reconstruction," from the just-released (well, released August 13) George and Caplin album Scenic Byways and Secluded Malls/Requiem for an Encyclopedia. It's a melange of what appears to be vintage footage from the Depression/Dust Bowl era, set to a gorgeous, twangy, Ennio Morricone-meets-Brain Eno-esque tune. And, embedded within its wide-open spaces and strangely synchronized sequences of audio and video, you'll find a secret message...a secret message that will get you a free copy of the album.

As we mentioned in the recent review of the album, it begs to be listened to as a whole. It's also beautifully packaged and totally worth owning as a physical object. And you can get it free by looking for the secret number embedded within the video.

Don't worry, you don't need to be scouring every frame looking for hidden clues -- it'll literally float across the screen at one point, and unless you've been lulled into a hypnagogic state by the combination of the music and imagery, you can't miss it. Write it down, text your mailing address and name to it, and voila: A few days later, a copy of the disc will appear in your mailbox. There are still copies left, we're assured, but this is limited to the first 100 texters, so get on it!

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