Week in Review: 1/26/09 - 1/30/09

In terms of music news this was a slower week in the Mile High City. The biggest items were news of Overcasters being invited to perform at South By Southwest on the heels of a particularly harrowing trip to the East Coast a few weeks ago with the Fluid, followed closely by DJ Vajra's inclusion in a Serato Scratch ad in BPM Magazine. This week, the first review of the Fray's new record also came down from Rolling Stone, who panned it and tossed in a Coldplay comparison for good measure. Beyond the news and the free music we offered for download, the hottest item on the blog this week was the whole phenomenon of talking at shows. As a follow-up to the most recent installment of the Beatdown, we asked a few songwriters to weigh in with their thoughts, which inspired Cory Casiato to chime in with some thoughts of his own. If you missed anything of the things mentioned here, as always, we've assembled a handy list of links to all of the stories that ran on the blog this week. See you on Monday!

Friday, January 30, 2009

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Monday, January 26, 2009

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