Weekend best live music bets: Drive-By Truckers, Umphrey's Mcgee and more

Happy Friday! Another great weekend of music awaits you this weekend. Tonight the Drive-By Truckers kick off a three-night run in Colorado with a show at the Ogden Theatre, followed by a gig tomorrow night a the Fox in Boulder and a show at the Belly Up in Aspen on Sunday. At the Fillmore tonight, meanwhile, Umphrey's McGee sets up shop at the Fillmore with Jimkata. And there's plenty more! Los Lobos unplugs at the Boulder Theater, Churchill celebrates the release of its latest EP at the Bluebird, Le Divorce premieres its new video at the hi-dive and Odd Future closes things out at the Fox on Sunday night. Page down for this weekend's best live music bets.


DRIVE-BY TRUCKERS @ OGDEN THEATRE The Drive-By Truckers recorded their last two releases -- The Big To-Do and Go-Go Boots -- during the same sessions in 2009, yet the albums sound quite different. The former is raucous, raw and rocks something fierce, while the latter, for the most part, is a more toned-down affair, a record that frontman Patterson Hood says in many ways is the polar opposite side of what the Truckers do as a band. Hood has said that if The Big To-Do was an action-adventure summertime flick (albeit one with some brainy and dark undercurrents), Go-Go Boots is a noir film in the vein of Night of the Hunter. (Read this week's full Drive-By Truckers profile.)

LOS LOBOS (ACOUSTIC) @ BOULDER THEATER Is any band in America more revered or respected than East Los Angeles roots vatos Los Lobos? The core members of this American musical treasure -- David Hidalgo, Cesar Rosas, Steve Berlin, Louis Perez and Conrad Lozano -- have produced nineteen albums and played everywhere from an Angeleno quinceañera to Farm Aid to the White House. Their sound spans virtually all aspects of American music, from blues, zydeco, soul and kick-you-in-the-head rock and roll to various Latino styles, including cumbia, norteno and Tex-Mex. Critics turn handstands whenever they drop an album, and their fans follow them like Deadheads. It's ironic that one of the most important acts of the late twentieth century is best known for its cover of "La Bamba." Their first truly significant album, 1984's T Bone Burnett-produced Will The Wolf Survive?, asked the question, and these guys answer in the affirmative every time they step onto a stage. Viva Los Lobos.

UMPHREY'S MCGEE @ THE FILLMORE In terms of bands that traffic in long-form compositions, there are prog bands and there are jam bands, the former being characterized by linear compositions with rigid structures, the latter for its loose, well, jamming. Umphrey's McGee splits the difference between the two quite nicely. And if you haven't seen them live, the guys can play. Cramming changes by the bucketful into every song for a hyperactive sound not unlike that of Frank Zappa (if a little less insistently weird), the band tends to expand sections to allow for plenty of solos, proving its musicianship is just as accomplished on stage as it is in the studio.

LESS THAN JAKE @ SUMMIT MUSIC HALL Less Than Jake hasn't released a new full-length since 2008's GNV FLA, but it doesn't matter -- the Florida dudes still tour relentlessly, and their fans still come to see them play. Why? Because, in an era of performers constantly questioning their own cool, Less Than Jake prides itself on being uncool. They still sing songs about pizza and parties. They still have a horn section. They still are sort of ska, if ska still existed. And like the grateful Dead of ska, Less Than Jake knows it isn't about records anyway--it's about the live show, which usually involves lots of sweaty dancing and confetti.

CHURCHILL (EP RELEASE) @ BLUEBIRD On the strength of being named the winner of KTCL's annual Hometown for the Holidays promo in December and armed with a great new video, Churchill has built up a healthy head of steam heading into the new year. Tonight the outfit celebrates the release of its new EP, Change, the follow-up to last year's excellent Happy/Sad. Change is a fitting title for the disc, as the band switches things up a bit, exploring a slightly more upbeat sound on the EP, while delivering the same earnest brand of pop we've come to expect from the band. Tonight's bill also includes Popcult and Rachel James.

Also Tonight:

- - Bronze Radio Return with the Brew at The Walnut Room

- - Courtney Marie Andrews with Nearly Beloved and Jami Lunde at Loin's Lair

- - The David Mayfield Parade with Boom Chick at hi-dive

- - Dead Orchids with Cure for Pain and Blue Hour at Old Curtis Street Bar

- - Don Carlos (of Black Uhuru) wtih Dj Kazz at Cervantes' Other Side

- - Ginga at Swallow Hill Music Hall

- - Good Gravy at Aggie Theatre

- - Katie Glassman & Snapshot at Appaloosa Grill

- - Kyle Hollingsworth Band at Three20South

- - Polytoxic Block Party with Shakedown Street and Watkins Glen Soundcheck at Quixote's True Blue

- - Thumpin at Herb's

- - Torch the Wagon with Undeclared, Drakes, Backporch Romeos and Defile the Pure at Herman's Hideaway

- - Joshua Trinidad with the Foot, Greenery Book Club and Faceman at Larimer Lounge

- - Chevy Woods with Rockie, Mr. Midas, DJ Big Spade, Maine PA from Crazy Baby Records, Alabama, Grimez, Joka at Casselman's Bar and Venue

- Paper Bird with Eye and the Arrow & Patrick Dethlefs and Nick Jaina at Fox Theatre

- White Fudge with Wheelchair Sports Camp at Oriental Theater


LE DIVORCE (VIDEO RELEASE) @ HI-DIVE ​"I think video is absolutely vital," says Kitty Vincent of Le Divorce, which recently finished production on a new video for "Under the Boxcars," the first single from the band's latest effort, The Sting and the Light. "We are a visual society living in the age of YouTube and Pitchfork. It's much harder to get a reviewer or blogger who doesn't know you personally to take you seriously if you don't have something visual they can post." (Read the full blog and see a sneak peek of Le Divorce's new video.)

DRIVE-BY TRUCKERS @ FOX THEATRE 2010's The Big To-Do was Drive-By Truckers' most hard-rocking album since 2001's Southern Rock Opera. On To-Do, the Athens, Georgia group told tales of four-day drinking binges, courtroom miseries and bar-room brawls. The Truckers, who formed way back in 1996, have always been considered by many to be the torch-bearers for the alt-country genre, but with The Big To-Do, they surpassed most bands in that watered-down category with memorable stories, characters and songs. And just as quickly as they returned to the bombast of rock, they muffled it again with the release of their current record, Go-Go Boots. Replacing the shimmer of a ride cymbal with the hush of a shaker, Go-Go Boots pays homage to early soul greats like Eddie Hinton. The new approach introduces a new cast of characters sitting morosely in the same bar they brawled in last night, wondering what the hell happened and, like the band itself, what they will do next.

FAST GEEK BOUTIQUE ART OPENING AND CONCERT SERIES @ 3 KINGS TAVERN "Showing your work at a Santa Fe gallery is like having your mom and dad home at a party," says artist Vincent Fasano, who with his twin brother Charly (also known as "City Mouse") have been tapped to help curate art shows at the Phoenix Gallery in the basement of 3 Kings Tavern. This month, the brothers Fasano will present their own work alongside that of two other artists, Heretik Art and Faim Worldwide, during Fast Geek Boutique's March Art Show and Live Music Series, which features David Mead (of Ships & Fog) tonight at 8 p.m. "It breaks the ice if there's a [rock] show going on," says Charly when explaining his preference for art shows at a music venue rather than a gallery. "I like my art to be surrounded by punk-rock music," agrees Vincent. "I'd take that over a gallery any day."

Also Tonight:

- - Big Green Carpet with Woodrose and Whiskey King Coalition at Meadowlark

- - Calirado Party 2012 featuring A Top Secret Headliner w/ The Congress, Heatbox, Diego's Umbrella, AfroMassive and DJ Juice Box at Cervantes' Masterpiece Ballroom

- - Cyber Glitz at Oriental Theater

- - Diego's Umbrella at Cervantes' Other Side

- - The Growlers with He's My Brother, She's My Sister and the Allah-Las at Marquis Theater

- - G Love And Special Sauce with Scott H. Biram at Ogden Theatre

- - The Informants at Herman's Hideaway with Pin Up Boys, Ethyl & the Regulars and El Rancho Vegas featuring Jim Dalton

- - The JT Nolan Trio with the Matt Skellenger Group at Swallow HIll Music Hall

- - Paper Bird at Aggie Theatre

- - Raven Jane with Juniper Trees, Gryph (of dovekins), Catch Bees at The Walnut Room

- - Strange Lights with Gata Negra and the Gones Back to Top at Old Curtis Street Bar

- - Tennessee Two Piece with Danny Freund at Loin's Lair

- - Watkins Glen: The Band performed by Polytoxic, Grateful Dead performed by Shakedown Street, Allman Brothers performed by Mountain Jam. With John Magnie of the Subdudes and Montu at Quixote's True Blue

- - Hypnautic and King Tef with Rol Pley & J Swiss, Johny Rocketz, El Tio Hugo at Gothic Theatre

- - Novus Folium (video release) with Lola Black, Random Hero and Your Own Medicine at Bluebird Theater

- - Cloud Nothings with Mr. Dream and School Knights at Larimer Lounge

- - Quemando at Boulder Theater


ODD FUTURE @ FOX THEATRE The last time they were in town, the little hip-hop hellions known as Odd Future had people jumping from second-floor balconies and raising cane long before they took the stage. Tyler, the Creator, Hodgy Beats and the rest of the crew still don't give a fuck, and their gore rhymes are as gory as ever. If you haven't seen OFWGKTA live, the act's stage show is rambunctious and rowdy, yet stylized and controlled. The members mob around their performances like they've been doing it for years, and the masses absolutely eat it up. The future might be odd, but it's also as bright as ever.

YOUNG LAGOON @ LARIMER LOUNGER It hasn't been that long that Trevor Powers has been playing out live with his band Youth Lagoon -- or even very long since he started posting his early bedroom recordings and the blogosphere started writing about his music. While that's a typical story these days, Powers's music has struck a chord with people outside his circle of immediate friends and college peers for a reason: Youth Lagoon's insouciant, shimmering melodies and emotional delicacy sound like Powers has spent a lot of time listening to the more accessible end of Daniel Johnston and the kind of music that came out of Fisher Price toys from the '70s. Fortunately, the guy can deliver live with the same powerful vulnerability heard on his recordings.

"LATIN QUARTER" WITH THE MANUEL LOPEZ LATIN JAZZ TRIO @ DAZZLE RESTAURANT AND LOUNGE Colorado native Manuel Lopez discovered a fondness for Latin music after he stared playing congas in his early teens, and then found his way to the drum kit. Together with pianist Peter Ellingson and bassist Eduardo "Bijoux" Barbosa, Lopez's trio delves into a variety of repertoire from old Cuban standards to more modern arrangements. The trio plays at Dazzle every Sunday evening.

Also Tonight:

- - Ashley Raines with Here Comes Cowboys at Loin's Lair

- - A Classic Education with Ganglians and Bike Theft at hi-dive

- - Drive-By Trucker at Belly Up Aspen

- - Hemlock with Intertwined, the Silent Divine, Controlled Demise, Wall Of The Fallen, Inexerfy and It's Always Sunny In Tijuana at Gothic Theatre

- - Metal Madness Tour With It Lies Within, As They Sleep and Night Shade at Casselman's Bar and Venue

- - White Orange with Black Acid Devil at 2 Kings Tavern

- - Clovis Mann with John Statz at Quixote's True Blue

Compiled by Nick Callaio

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