Ween's September Red Rocks show available on iClips

It seemed like there was a special significance to Ween's show at Red Rocks in September. In addition to the fact that the show marked one of the final spots on the band's fall tour, we noticed a number of cameras during the performance and mused that the show could wind up being released as a DVD or a supplement to an upcoming album. Turns out we weren't far off. The Ween crew have announced on their website that the Red Rocks show is available for download on iClips for about seven bucks. A couple of songs have been omitted due to "technical reasons," but getting more than two hours of live footage for seven dollars ain't bad. Judging from the free sample clips of "Now I'm Freaking Out" and "Did You See Me?," the combined efforts of the Red Rocks camera crew and the iClips folks paid off. The sound and the visual quality are top-notch, and the clips are a gem for any Ween fan who was or wasn't at the show. Indeed, the footage rivals the band's previous DVD release from 2004, Live From Chicago. Don't dawdle too long - the download expires in May.

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