"Welcome to the CO" from SP Double, Innerstate Ike, Young Doe, Morning Star, C.Ray

City anthems and posse cuts definitely need to make more of a comeback, and with this unifying track celebrating the CO, SP Double, Innerstate Ike, Morning Star, Young Doe and C.Ray are doing their part to make that happen. Produced by C. Ray, "Welcome to the CO" finds these guys going hard representing their city.

With a hook from C. Ray that recalls Nate Dogg, the MCs spit lines about being the kings of their city, or some variation thereof. Innerstate Ike brings the first real hard-knock lines -- about having more shots than a bartender repping the 'Bell side -- while being gracefully supported by Young Doe's verse.

Doe steals it with lines about his city's murder squad being akin to OJ Simpson and Johnnie Cochran, while Morning Star acts as "lieutenant." C. Ray is also on production and facilitates a welcome diversity in flow from SP Double, who largely spits about unity and wearing a "crown made of the city's skyline." Nice job, fellas.

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