Westword exclusive: The Fray's not-so-secret dress rehearsals -- in pictures

By now you may have heard about the Fray's "dress rehearsal," as it's being called, this weekend. The band has been running through its live show all week at Broomfield Events Center in preparation for its summer tour, which kicks off next Friday in Atlanta. The week's worth of rehearsals will culminate with a private (read: closed to the public, invite-only) rehearsal this weekend for friends, family and their friends and family's friends and family -- because the band wants the performance to feel as much like an actual show as possible, they've agreed to allow their guests to bring along a few guests. Lest you storm the grounds hoping to get in (or with pitchforks and torches, as the case may be, eternal detractors), keep in mind, the rehearsal is closed to the public, and there will be no tickets sold or available. Don't know somebody who knows somebody? Worry not. You can catch the Fray at the Mile High Music Festival next month. Or, in the meantime, you can check out some exclusive shots of this week's rehearsals taken by our unbelievably talented and multi-faceted buddy Rod Blackhurst after the jump.

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