Westword Music Showcase 2010: Photos from the madness

Editor's note: We scrounged up enough Bubble Yum and pesos to convince fearless intern Abbie Grueskin to hunker down in the Curious Theater and upload photos of the Showcase throughout the day on Saturday. Look for the photos after the jump, and check back for reviews, slideshows and other coverage later today. Oh My Stars, Main Stage, 12:15 Fierce Bad Rabbit, City Hall, 12:15 The Mighty 18 Wheeler, Broadway's, 12:15 Le Divorce, Sutra, 12:15 Flashbulb Fires, Curious Theatre, 12:15 The Outfit, Vinyl Main, 12:15

A. Tom Collins, Mo's, 12:15
Mike Marchant, Bar Standard, 12:15Tin Horn Prayer, La Rumba, 12:15Varlet Featuring Lilly Scott, Main Stage, 1:00The Foot, City Hall, 1:15
The Dont's and Be Carefuls, Sutra, 1:15
Yerkish, Broadway's, 1:15
Magic Cyclops, Mo's, 1:15
No Bueno!, Bannock Street Garage, 1:15Houses, Bar Standard, 1:15
Bop Skizzum, Opal, 1:15
Peter Black, Bar Standard Patio, 1:15
Boulder Acoustic Society, La Rumba, 1:15
Delta Sonics, Dazzle, 1:15Archille Lauro, Curious Theatre, 1:15Single File, Main Stage, 1:45Lola Black, Bannock Street Garage, 2:15
Life in Electric, Chique, 2:15
King for a Day, Vinyl Main, 2:15
Klaw, Bar Standard Patio, 2:15Danielle Ate the Sandwich, Curious Theatre, 2:15
Peace Officer, Opal, 2:15
Blue Million Miles, Bar Standard, 2:15
The Informants, Dazzle, 2:15
Marty Jones & the Great Unknowns, La Rumba, 2:15Eleanor, Mo's, 2:15Tickle Me Pink, Main Stage, 2:30Spoke in Wordz, Vinyl Rooftop, 2:30Git Some, Broadway's, 3:15
Jonathan Tyler & the Northern Lights, Main Stage, 3:15
Gangcharger, Bar Standard, 3:15
Bigwheel Electrosoul, Opal, 3:15
The Northern Way, Chique, 3:15 Churchill, Mo's, 3:15Stella Luce, Vinyl Main, 3:15
Accordion Crimes, Sutra, 3:15
Air Dubai, City Hall, 3:15Ian Cooke, Curious Theatre, 3:15IAMTHESHOTGUN, Broadway's, 4:15Frontside Five, Bannock Street Garage, 4:15Hello Kavita, Curious Theatre, 4:15Astrophagus, Mo's, 4:15Neon Indian, Main Stage, 4:30SHEL, La Rumba, 5:15
The Chain Gang of 1974, City Hall, 5:15
Skyfox, Chique, 5:15
John Common & Blinding Flashes of Light, Curious Theatre, 5:15
Bottesini Project, Dazzle, 5:15
fell, Bar Standard, 5:15
Ginger Perry, Bar Standard Patio, 5:15
Jonathan and BPro, Vinyl Main, 5:15
The Food Chain, Vinyl Rooftop, 5:30Dirty Projectors, Main Stage, 5:45

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Snake Rattle Rattle Snake, Curious Theatre, 6:15Bill McKay Band, La Rumba, 6:15The Knew, Sutra, 6:15Potcheen, Opal, 6:15Epilogues, Chique, 6:15Fresh 2 Death, Bar Standard Patio, 6:15Superchunk, Main Stage, 7:00Cobraconda, Vinyl Main, 6:15

Jim McTurnan and The Kids That Killed the Man, Bar Standard, 6:15
Married in Berdichev / Rhino-in-the-Round, Mo's, 5:15
Pictureplane / Rhino-in-the-Round, Mo's, 6:15
Black Lamb, Broadway's, 6:15

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.


Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.