What makes Denver's music scene unique? A Westword Music Showcase ticket contest

The Westword Music Showcase is one month away. On June 21, 130-ish Colorado bands and artists of every possible variety will play assorted venues around the Golden Triangle. Each of those bands is a nominee for a Westword Music Award, and they represent a music community that is easy to believe in. There are bands of all styles and sizes creating music that tells the story of the place we live through every angle and lens.

Every week in Westword and on the Backbeat blog, we try to offer introductions to those artists for new fans and help to illuminate the experience of listening to music in Denver. And once a year, we get to let the bands speak for themselves. We're also interested in input from everyone who cares about music in this town, though. So tell us what you think makes Denver's scene unique.

This isn't an idle question. It actually stems from a conversation I had with a musician from Nashville last week. He was asking what the music scene is like here in Denver. He wanted to know whether I thought there was a unique Denver narrative or vibe. It's a question I've spent a lot of time considering -- there are obvious things like the geography and, now, the interest generated by recreational marijuana. But those are just a couple details selected somewhat at random. And considering the more subtle history and makeup of the venues, bands, promoters and fans here seems like a good place to start if we want to make this city an even better one for music lovers.

You can comment below, respond on Twitter using the hashtag #westwordshow or comment on Facebook. We'll pick a few people who make us think about something new or laugh and give them a pair of tickets to the Showcase. You have until Friday at 3 p.m. Go!

In addition to the Colorado bands, the Showcase will also feature an outdoor stage on Acoma Street and 12th Avenue will host Diplo, 2 Chainz and more. Tickets are on sale now.

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