What you missed last night: Zombies on bicycles in Ballpark for Denver Cruisers ride


Denver Cruisers

have been getting a lot of press lately for its

topically themed rides

, but last night, riders took on one of the trendiest themes of the past few years: The undead. The club held its "Vampires and Zombies" bike ride, and from the looks of these photos, with the exception of a few Nosferatu,


, "Team Edward" T-shirts (cute) and a pretty

great Count von Count costume

, there were more Zombies in attendance.

Here's the full slideshow of from the zombies bike ride shot by Aaron Thackeray, and below are a few highlights.

View the full "vampires and zombies bike ride" slideshow. View the full "vampires and zombies bike ride" slideshow.

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