Wheelchair Sports Camp snags invite to SXSW

Looks like Wheelchair Sports Camp, the band whose frontwoman, Kalyn Heffernan, we profiled this past November, will be heading to this year's SXSW. While a number of other acts will undoubtedly make the trek to Austin this March, Wheelchair Sports received an official invitation to perform at the festival -- a pretty big deal for this local hip-hop unit. We caught up with Heffernan to get the low down. Apparently, it was some old fashioned persistence that really paid off.

"I applied online and really kept in contact with a guy from the music fest that's coordinating the festival," Heffernan explains. "I just kept sending him everything we were doing and the press we were getting in recent months. Just about everything we were gonna try and do to get out there, we really wanted to be a part of the official showcase.

"Come to find out, it's my drummer's dream come true," Heffernan adds. "Yup. B-Money's coming. Issac on the drums and Abby on sax."

Being invited to play this year's show, says Heffernan, shows the versatility of their band and will increase visibility for other Denver artists, as well.

"It really goes to show our versatility because we were the only hip-hop band chosen from Denver. We are probably one of the more unique hip-hop groups in Denver that I've seen play.We just try and go outside of the box, and SXSW is like the mecca for independent and new experimental type of music. More than not, it's a spot for bands on the rise and unique people that you don't see on MTV or whatnot. We're really excited to play and definitely [to see] for what's to come of this."

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