Where can we sign up for The Achille Lauro Burn While You Burn Personal Empowerment System?

Achille Lauro made a promo video for their album release party, and they nailed the campy informercial vibe hard. Front man Matt Close, from the clip: "When we're not writing choice rock and roll tunes, you can find us in the gym, using the Achille Lauro System to make sure we're 100. All the time." As for his first question, "How many times have you asked yourself, 'I wonder how Achille Lauro stays so fit?'" the answer is every time.

The band is releasing Indiscretions on Saturday, April 10, at the Hi-Dive. We've had a chance to preview the album, and, jokes aside, it's friggin tasty. You can preview two of the tracks on their myspace right now. Indiscretions also marks a big step forward for the Hot Congress collective, as the album will be the first official release on their newly-minted record label.

The suggested costume theme for the release show is "Country Club," presumably because white cotton shorts and polos allow for optimal mobility during the Burn While You Burn Personal Empowerment System. Vitamins and Houses are also playing that show, so we're guessing it will be at least three times more enjoyable than the promo video. And that's a lot of enjoyable.

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