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Whether you loved it or hated it, here's a chance to have your way with Yo Soy Sauce's "Juke Box"

Judging by the response to the debut of Cacheflowe and Brer Rabbit's Yo Soy Sauce project last month, there's clearly some differing viewpoints on the quality of the song. Now, however you feel about the track, whether you love the track or hate it, here's a chance to remix it into something you can send home to your mom.

Well, that is, if you cut out the "labia" part, anyway -- unless, of course, your mom is cool like that, in which case you flip that on its head and make that the only lyric to the song. It's really up to you, as Yo Soy Sauce has provided all the individual files to make the track your own. If you're lazy, you can even just snag the a cappella, which is completely ridiculous to listen to on its own. Seriously, go do it right now, just for the hell of it.

"We decided to do a remix contest to get people involved and to try something new," says Yo Soy Sauce's Justin Gitlin, aka CacheFlowe. "We think the vocals are completely hilarious and absurd, so what better way to spread the silly? I was laughing late at night in my apartment as I sequenced the song, and I hope the remixers have the same enjoyment."

As for a prize, the winning entries will get features on the single's microsite, immortalized for all to hear for as long as the label, Plastic Sound Supply, exists.

"In general," Gitlin continues, "we're trying to keep things interesting and looking for new and fun ways to interact with the public and release our music." So grab your keyboards, your distortion pedals and all your other gadgets and get to it. And be sure to come back and link to your own remix in this post.

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