Whiskey Autumn's new single, "Monochrome Actress," samples the score from the 1945 noir film Detour.EXPAND
Whiskey Autumn's new single, "Monochrome Actress," samples the score from the 1945 noir film Detour.

Whiskey Autumn Debuts Music Video for "Monochrome Actress"

Denver indie-pop band Whiskey Autumn just released a music video for the single "Monochrome Actress." It's the third single off the act's upcoming album, Modern Doubt, out April 12.

Directed by Mineral Sound at Violet Recordings, the dreamy "Monochrome Actress" is a live recording showcasing Whiskey Autumn’s evolving sound, as the band's lineup transitions from three musicians to four during live performances, as well as to reflect bandmate Jason Paton’s shifting role from bass to keys and guitar.

“Jason was playing bass, and now he’s playing guitar and keyboards," explains singer Greg Laut. "We have a brand-new rhythm section: We have Steve Giles, who is playing bass for us now, and Jeff Ranck is playing drums. We have some different personnel in the band and have expanded to four people instead of three. We have a lot more sound happening live than we did in our previous incarnation."

Inspired by the seedier, less glamorous side of Hollywood, “Monochrome Actress” samples the score from the 1945 noir film Detour.

“We knew we wanted to use a movie sample. The theme of the song is really the darker underbelly of the entertainment industry, so we wanted to find a sample that fit that vibe," Laut says.

"I was just watching a bunch of movies while looking for a sample, and Detour really had a few different moments of fitting the exact vibe that we were looking for," he continues. "After we found that, we just put it in and produced it in a way that makes it seem like you’re hearing it coming from a room next to you.”

Lucky for Laut, it was a joy to riff through such footage.

“I’m a pretty big movie fan anyway," he says. "I love watching old movies, so it kind of just gave me an excuse to dig deep in some deep-cut movies I had never seen before."

Whiskey Autumn album-release party, with the Milk Blossoms, OptycNerd and a Motion Trap DJ set, 9 p.m. Friday, April 12, Lost Lake Lounge, 3602 East Colfax Avenue.

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