Club Nights

Whitehouse Lounge

Sundays at the Fox Hole used to be one big, gay ol' time, but since the space in the increasingly gentrified (and occupied) Platte Valley was revamped into the Whitehouse Lounge, the boys-who-like-boys and the girls-who-like-girls have voted to get their drink on elsewhere. Soung Kang and Steve Bedinger bought the club, tucked away amid pricey lofts at 2936 Fox Street, about a month ago from Marty Chernoff (known for his many Tracks spinoffs) and have continued to push it as a friendly, neighborhood hangout -- just one with a politically charged new name. "I thought it would be fun for bands to say that they're playing at the Whitehouse," Kang jokes. But for whatever reasons, the hordes of gays and lesbians who kept the Fox Hole going have stayed away.

"We don't discriminate, of course," Kang says. "We welcome everyone. It was definitely Marty's crowd, so he will probably take them with him wherever he goes."

Except for some new faces belonging to new residents of the neighborhood, the one-room bar has seen few cosmetic changes. A kitchen's been added to serve the usual bar grub -- "but it's a little bit healthier," Kang notes -- and an amped-up sound system has been installed to support the club's venture into the live-music scene. "We basically have three things that we're going for: music, food and drinks," Kang explains. "It's real basic and simple. It'll evolve over time to what sort of music and what kind of food it will be. We're not trying to reinvent the wheel, but we are trying to make a cool, happening spot for the neighborhood."

"There's nothing in the area for entertainment or food," adds Pat Hanson, music director for the bar. "But with the live bands, we also want them to bring some of their own fans, so we want to be a destination venue, too."

Pandering to locals remains Whitehouse's prime goal, though, and Hanson wants to ensure that regulars stay regular by offering them special passes so that they won't have to pay a cover when bands play. "It will make them feel a little bit like a VIP," he says.

The Whitehouse is open for business seven days a week from 4 p.m. to 2 a.m., and all shows and events will be 21-and-over only. The bar is looking for strong local acts, with weekend DJs filling out the calendar when it's not already full of amps and guitars. For more information, log on to or call the direct line at 303-369-4653.

Grenade, located at 1111 Lincoln Street, imploded a couple of months ago in a mess of eviction notices and legal hooha (its controversial cousin, the next-door Donkey Den, also disappeared). Last week, new owners reopened the space as Andrew's on Lincoln, a sports bar and grill.

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