Why California's Snow Tha Product thinks of Denver as a second home

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A full crowd, mostly comprising young women, pilled into Cervantes' last night to support their new idol: Snow tha Product. The buzz the rapper has generated in a short time was evident: The energy at the sold-out show was vibrant. Many people have identified with the rising star, who raps from a perspective of defiance for those who have doubted her, and with a warming embrace for those who support her.

Originally scheduled to be at the smaller Roxy Theater a block away, Snow filled Cervantes' with people and energy unlike any hip-hop show in recent memory. The crowd was packed with hundreds of young Latinas doing their best impression of the hot young star. And she returned the love, saying, "Denver is the first city I ever sold out a show -- it has just gone so far beyond that now."

Coming out to "I Bet You Won't," Snow hyped the crowd with the hard-hitting track. Everyone sang the song like it was the latest anthem from Rick Ross or Young Jeezy. Snow looked out at the room filled with teen ladies, tattooed emo kids, the LBGT community and anyone who feels slighted by the bourgeoisie.

Her banter throughout displayed her love for Denver. "This is my second home," she said. "I should move here." She seemed to mean it, meeting embraces both figurative and sometimes literal, even mid-song. One fan said to her friend, "She just seems so real." Songs like "Cookie Cutter Bitches," and "Hola" boomed through the hall with intense bass, and the energy never seemed to dip. Little quirks like big squirt guns that doused the crowd and a life-sized ninja turtle added to the hysteria.

Snow entertained with more songs like "Play" and cuts from her free mixtape Good Days, Bad Nights, even stopping to bring one fan decked out in her Woke gear on stage for the duration of the set. When the Party Gurus moved this show to Cervantes', they couldn't have imagined it would fill out as much it did. The 200-300 fans who stuck around to meet Snow are evidence of her followers' dedication.

Newly signed to Young Money Cash Money, Caskey started off the night. Although most people seemed unfamiliar with his music, the energy perfectly fit the lineup, and the crowd responded with enthusiasm. Caskey plays a bit of a Machine Gun Kelly role, covered in tattoos and possessed of a fast-paced flow. The highlight of his set came when he took time out to salute "all the sluts." That delighted the crowd. Even during his more introspective track, the crowd seems to be all ears.


Personal Bias: Snow won me over with her last appearance once I heard her rapid-fire flow and witnessed the strength of her following. It's also hard to dislike any artist who stays afterward to meet her fans.

Random Detail: At one point she thought she dropped her phone in the crowd, erupting the crowd in a chant of a song title off her project, "Fuck Your Phone." It was in the tour van, revealed her crew.

By the Way: I can hardly remember a show that I have ever witnessed this packed at Cervantes'. Even the promoter was in disbelief.

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.