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Hear the First New Song by Wildermiss Since 2017

Wildermiss just released a new song.
Wildermiss just released a new song. Scott McCormick
For the first time in more than a year, the Denver pop band Wildermiss has released a new song. That's a big deal for artists who spent most of 2018 riding the success of their 2017 album, Lost With You, which has earned the band airplay, main-stage slots at big festivals, and even a television appearance on Last Call With Carson Daily.

"Fallin'" is a radio-friendly pop anthem, upbeat and filled with the standard crescendos and drops that electronic-driven pop music is ripe with these days. Yet it still manages to pack a punch.

The accompanying music video, produced by Denver musician Rhett Rogers, focuses on lead singer Emma Cole; members Joshua Hester, Seth Beamer and Caleb Thoemke are largely invisible. While this feels like a deviation for the group, it's a smart move when it comes to establishing a distinctive brand as Wildermiss takes the next steps toward national acclaim. The song belongs to a new album that's slated to drop later in 2019.

Interested in seeing whether Wildermiss's pop recordings translate to a live show? The band is playing a free concert with Whitacre at 7 p.m. on Friday, February 8, at Maggie's Biergarten, 330 Third Street in Castle Rock. See the video for "Fallin'" below:

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