Will Guice and Mr. Midas pay homage to Nate Dogg with "Regulators 2.0"

After the untimely passing of G-Funk era staple Nate Dogg, the hip-hop community was once again reminded of its mortality. As is typical during the time of mourning, memorial funds were established for the family and loved ones of the late crooner, followed by an outpouring of benevolent memories.

In tribute to the hook master, Will Guice and Mr. Midas have teamed up for "Regulators, 2.0," a re-worked version of the classic tale that took place on a "clear black night." Guice does a great job on the track of channeling Nate Dogg, while Midas slips in and out of the original lyrics and the verses first spat by Warren G, as he pays homage to Long Beach legend, a man with a truly dynamic and important role in the hip-hop world. R.I.P. Nate Dogg.

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