Winter Solstice flier gives the holiday a dark vibe

The Winter Solstice is the holiday people celebrate when they don't want to celebrate any of the major holidays. It was also a popular Viking tradition that included a number of badass-sounding celebrations like the Feast of the Dead and the lighting of Yule logs in honor of Thor.

There's a lot to love about the design of this flier, from the Burlesque of North America-esque band ribbons to the tree root-like skeleton. It captures the very idea of a prog-doom-metal holiday and runs with it. There is no room for misinterpretation here; you know exactly what you're in for when you look at this.

Once you're at the show, you'll have the pleasure of having your eardrums shattered by some of Denver's loudest metal. You'll also get a good lesson in Scandinavian lore from Flight of Sleipnir, which should provide you with plenty of holiday conversations, especially when you tell your parents that you will be feasting for up to twelve days, and then proceed to show them manuscripts of Odin slaying the frost giant Ymir.

Good metal fliers aren't easy to pull off. They require intricate lettering and a great image, but they still need to be readable. We're guessing this is Flight of Sleipnir drummer David Csicsely's art, and it's a perfect fit for the event, the bands playing and pretty much everything else about this show.

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Thorin Klosowski
Contact: Thorin Klosowski