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Wireside Chatting with the DOM

Yesterday, we wrote about the on-going makeover of the cruel mistress that is copyright and intellectual property law (see above) and encouraged readers to let their voices be heard by another leading lady, Victoria Espinel, the first copyright czar.

Today, we, or rather Denver Open Media, is offering you a place to join fellow "plebians" in discussing change at the Wireside Chat today at 4 p.m. at the Denver Open Media Studios at 700 Kalamath. Basically, it is the chance to geek out with local IP nerds and watch a broadcast of Lawrence Lessig's (author of Remix, Free Culture and The Future of Ideas which pretty much makes him the cyber shizz) talk on fair use and politics in online video.

More specifically, he "will explore copyright in the digital age and the importance of the fair use doctrine for free expression on the Internet." After the simulcast (sounds Trekkie huh?) The Open Media Foundation and the University of Denver will be hosting a panel discussion featuring local IP enthusiasts Chris Coleman (notable digital artist), Jonny 5 (of the Flobots), Laleh Mehran and Derigan Silver.

"This is an issue that affects a lot of people but they don't know it. Just hearing from experts in the field in a way that they can understand will help people realize that this is a very important issue in how they can consumer and create media," says Silver, a professor of communication law at the University of Denver, "Plus, Jonny 5 is going to be there!"

Sounds like a good enough reason for us to put on our activist pants and get informed. And since the event is bound to cut into happy hour, there will be free refreshments to make up for it.

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Whitney Van Cleave